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Semester exams are over and I’m finally jobless again! Okay not really, this break is going to be more of a long study session than anything else. If I don’t start my CAT preparation soon, I might as well forget about writing the exam in November. We also have some on-campus recruitments the next couple of weeks, so yeah, busy times ahead.

Rajeev wanted me to make a good post, so I’m going to try doing that by putting together all the random stuff that comes to my mind right now. Randomness is good, right?

10,000+ Visitors

If you look at the little counter at the bottom of this page, you’ll notice it has crossed 10,000! That works out to what? 20 visits per day? Considering how infrequent my posts are, that’s really good. Wondering where all the visits come from? Well, according to Statcounter, a lot of the hits are from people who get here by searching for phrases like “lip twitching”, “why is my lip twitching”, “upper lip twitch” and the sort. People’s lips actually twitch? Weird. Welcome to India seems to be a popular song. A lot of people get to my post searching for that song. Then of course, there’s my nanoaudience (which most probably includes you) who take the time to read and comment on my posts. Thanks! I wouldn’t be writing if I didn’t have readers.

CNN-IBN “Rising India” Photo Contest

The results of the CNN-IBN “Rising India” Photo Contest was out recently. Watch the video here.

Obviously I didn’t win, otherwise I would have posted sooner. The contest was open for months, so they got loads of entries. Unfortunately, the whole contest was by judged by just one person (ace photographer Raghu Rai) which isn’t a good thing. Photography is very subjective, after all. Besides, Raghu Rai seemed pretty clueless about the theme which was “Photographs that best define why we love India”. I don’t quite see how the winning photos fit that theme, but like I said, photography is subjective.

Videos on Youtube

I always thought Indians were clueless about composition. These two videos prove me wrong.

Tales of Mere Existence – Procastination by Lev YilmazPratyusha pointed me to this. Hilarious!

Le Petit Bonhomme en Mousse – Way better than any puppet show I’ve ever seen.

Drawing a Perfect Circleby Alexander Overwijk – Would have been a useful skill back in school (remember the time you used to draw loads of circumcircles, incircles and excircles?)