Exploding Tamarind

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Didn’t go to college today, and I’m finished with the lab internal exams, so I have time to make this post. The EDC (Electronic Devices and Circuits) lab internal was on Friday — had to plot the frequency response of … Continued

Old And Very Cool

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Uh, no, I am not talking about the new Pope and his Regnal name. Excuse the dumb joke, I didn’t know how else to start this post. I’m actually talking about a new wallpaper I made yesterday — Water Meter. … Continued

Where’s The Truck?

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Finished writing the fifth set of tests on 15th, so I’ve just been relaxing since then… watched Kaante the other day (I’m watching so many movies ever since Karthik got here… wonder why…) — it’s basically a bad, over-styled rip-off … Continued